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Wilson Clash 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson Clash 26 Junior Tennis racket is a best-in-class way for admirers hunting for a good value, at 100 sq 245 it's huge within the Tennis market. The game gets more exciting with each passing year, and with the Junior Tennis available for $0, 99, you can be sure you're getting a quality game piece. At 16 x19 black orange, you'll be able to show your friends what you've been playing.

Wilson Clash 26 Junior Racquet

The Wilson Clash 26 Junior Tennis racket is an excellent surrogate for lovers hunting for a high-quality Tennis racket, made from a materials that is both strong and lightweight, this racket is enticing for younger players. The 26 Junior is puissant for younger players, offering an alternative of black or orange colors, this Tennis racket comes with a set of 16 x19 black teeth, making it practical for hard-to-get balls. The Wilson Clash 26 v2, 0 pre-strung Junior Tennis Racquet is a first-class way to start your Tennis experience. With a new, pre-strung design and an air-filled bladder, this Racquet is capable of withstanding powerful strokes, your new Racquet will be ready for use shortly after purchase. The Wilson Clash Junior Racquet 26 is a Racquet that is designed for younger players, it is a medium weight Racquet that is good for both practice and play. This Racquet is fabricated of materials that make it durable, such as the high-quality plastic that is used in the plastic bowl and plastic rack, the Wilson Clash Junior Racquet 26 as well uncomplicated to play, because it is a simple design that presents a low price. The Wilson Clash Junior Racquet is a practical substitute for young players digging for an affordable Racquet that can take on more serious competition matches, the Racquet is produced of durable materials and renders a low price for an active Tennis racquet.