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Prince Thunder Racquet

This Prince Thunder strike titanium oversized tennis Racquet is fantastic for people who enjoy to play in the sun, this Racquet features a strong and durable titanium construction that will keep you in the match for a good time. The 4-ologic grip will keep you feeling good about yourself while you play.

Prince Thunder Racquet Ebay

The Prince Thunder is an 110 mm tennis Racquet that is size for both professional and personal use, it imparts a stock design with a steep angled forte that is sensational for power strokes and air-ästhetic strokes. The Prince Thunder also features a fast response time and durable construction, making it top grade for top-of-the-line matches or long-term use, the Prince Thunder bandit is a powerful and versatile tennis Racquet that is top-quality for top-level tennis players. With an 1000 triple threat rating, this Racquet can take on any other tennis ball in the market, with its uncomplicated to handle controls and straightforward to set up time, the Prince Thunder bandit is superb for all tennis fans. The Prince Thunder bolt soft case is top-rated for your it features a soft case which makes it uncomplicated to suit everything you need to know at home, and it comes with the Prince thunderbolt racket, this soft case is moreover lightweight so you can take it with you on the court. It gives a soft case shoulder strap and a back strap for facile carry, the Prince Thunder cloud titanium tennis Racquet is an outstanding surrogate for players wanting for an extreme 4-grip game. This Racquet features an all-titanium build and a rubber cover to keep your hand warm and your ball control, the Prince Thunder cloud titanium as well sterling for top court play.