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Prince Attack Junior Tennis Racquet

The Prince Attack 25 Junior Tennis Racquet is sensational for young players wanting for a straightforward to handle and affordable racquet, this Racquet provides a blue and black color scheme that will be peerless for any Tennis game.

Prince Attack Junior Tennis Racquet Ebay

The Prince Attack is a new Tennis Racquet designed by nike, it is a fast, small- Racquet that is designed to hit players' hands for a fast and sudden action. The Prince 23 Tennis Racquet is produced of durable materials and features a small, sharp blade that makes it an enticing surrogate for tournaments, the Prince Attack Junior 21 lightweight aluminum kids Racquet is exquisite for young players. It is lightweight and imparts 21 degrees of loft, making it beneficial for younger players, it sees very well in the open court and imparts a very low price for an aluminum racquet. This is a first-class ball not to play Tennis rackets, these are head pro Tennis rackets that are 25 in by 23 in. They are very fine and return action, the purple is a nice color and it makes an exceptional Tennis ball for Junior Tennis players. The case is very nice and is manufactured of durable materials, the Prince Junior Tennis Racquet set 19 and 21 are sensational for young players just starting to play tennis. These set-ups offer a lightweight design and 21" length which will provide plenty of power for you the set-up also features a-ring and face-up stop-the-top stick, which will provide enticing control and control of the court.