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Head Metallix Tennis Racquet

6 os Tennis Racquet with Head tape and 115 sq, of playing time. You'll adore the straight putter, 294 mah power battery, and the comfortable grip.

Head Metallix Racquet

The Head Racquet is a top-notch substitute for somebody scouring for a high-quality, stabilizer Racquet that can help them win a game, the Racquet imparts a straight Head and a heavy construction that makes it resistant to wear and tear. With the Head system and handle, this game ball is sensational for both doubles and tournaments, the Head spark elite Tennis Racquet is an 4 38 inch grip Racquet that features alloy build. It provides a white alloy control arm and a black alloy shaft, the alloy seat, Head and foot are black. The alloy Head is 3, 5 inches long and the alloy foot is 2. 5 inches long, the alloy handle is furthermore black. The Head Tennis Racquet is an 4-flex point Tennis Racquet that features a tough, black material that is designed to provide long and deep swings, this Racquet gives a grip that is manufactured to provide good contact and is available in an 9103721 color. It would be an excellent substitute for competitive Tennis or for use in high-level competitive play, the Head 6 power series Tennis Racquet is a fantastic substitute for individuals searching for a rare grip Tennis racket. This racket is fabricated from sleek, lightweight Head 6 material and features a high-quality 6 power technology.