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Head Graphene 360 Instinct S Tennis Racquet

The Head Graphene 360 instincts used Tennis Racquet grip size 412, it is a high-quality grip that renders been designed to provide good power and control for serve.

Head Instinct Racquet

This Head Graphene Racquet is manufactured with Head Graphene and 16 gauge steel, it imparts an 14. 14" long x 19, 4" wide x 4" thick mix of Head Graphene and the Racquet gives a red or black finish and is produced in the usa. The Head Instinct is a new Tennis racket made with Graphene for increased stability and instinctive action, the racket also features a reverse g2 design that creates a more open and breeze-like motion. This racket is sterling for unstructured play or for use in tournaments, this product is a Head Graphene xt Instinct mp Tennis racquet. It is fabricated of Head Graphene and provides a strong, tough design, it is top for fast action sport, and is sterling for hitting balls, or the Head Graphene 360 Instinct is a new, cutting-edge Tennis Racquet that offers an unique and cutting-edge approach to Head control. This powerful and agile Racquet offers players not only top-of-the-line Head control and control over the serve, but also enticing power and power against close-in opponents.