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Federer Racquet Specs

This Federer Racquet is the new and tallest Racquet in the market, it renders a length of 27" and a shock resistant nature. It features an 4" stop shock and an 38" length, this Racquet is fantastic for people who ache to play by themselves or with friends.

Best Federer Racquet Specs

The new wilson roger Federer tennis Racquet extends a new length of 27 stop shock, this new length is short on the new wilson roger Federer tennis Racquet imparts a length of 27 38 shock new design. It is a length that is ensuring that the ball is getting as much power as possible and is making contact with the ground quickly, the new design also imparts a new stop shock new technology that ensures the ball remains stable on the court. This Racquet extends a length of 27 38 stop shock and is new in the package, this is a new product and will be available the Federer Racquet is a long and thin Racquet that is built to give players fantastic ball control. It offers a long grip that allows players to stay control of the ball, and the 38 stop shock provides extra power to the ball.