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Camila Giorgi Racquet

Camila is a new game-changer, this world-renowned professional racquetball player grants made use of an advanced new design which gives her so much power up her hand that it's hard to play her the same choice twice.

Camila Giorgi Racquet Ebay

Camila is a new type of Racquet that uses a v-core design, this means that the woody part of the racquet's design is increased to make it more powerful. Additionally, the design creates a strong bounce and good power, this technology allows the ball to reach its full power before it is converted into serve. The new Racquet comes in red and green, Camila is available in women's and men's. It is designed for playing in dry conditions, Camila is a new type of carbon hardwood that yonex is reamer Camila the v-core technology provides with the ball splendid power for short lengths of service. The Camila Racquet offers a soft feel and good rebound function, it is produced with a tough, textured deck that will provide good ball control at all times. It is a high-quality Racquet that offers a lot of power and performance, Camila is fabricated of durable materials that will with you for many tournaments.