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Asics 125 Tennis Racquet

Asics grants created a new Tennis racket that is over-sized and squash-like in design, this makes it splendid for players who are on the smaller side, and who also want a racket that is going to do the job well. The Asics 125 is still over-sized, making it valuable for men who desire to play on the go.

Asics Tennis Racquet 125

The is an oversize Tennis racket that is 4, 18 inches in diameter. It is manufactured from durable and sturdy materials, and it is sure to make your Tennis games that much more exciting, this Asics Tennis racket is sure to make you a favorite with your teammates! Asics 125 Tennis racquet. Asics 125 Tennis rackets are top-rated addition to player's toolkit, the Asics 125 is designed as an over-sized Tennis racket that can handle any level of play. The racket is fabricated with an extra large handle and durable rubber head, the Asics 125 super oversize is a ridiculously oversized and over-sized racquet. It's like having a bit more power than you need, but that doesn't mean you can't use it, this Racquet grants a size that is exceptional for no. 6-7 players, and can handle any playing surface, it's a bit like having a Tennis ball in your hand that is superb for any case or use. The Asics 125 super oversize is a must-have for any player hunting to oversize their racquetball game.